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Earn Free PayTM Cash & Free Recharge @ FullFormStar

About Us

Fullformstar is India's leading rewards platform with over 3 million registered users. Fullformstar helps users win free Paytm cash by playing games, participating in polls, trends, puzzles and much more. Fullformstar makes time spent on the site more rewarding by giving Paytm free money to over 3 million happy users.

Joining Bonus

Creating an account on Fullformstar is really fast and simple. You get ₹50 free PayTM cash as a joining bonus. Please note that ₹15 is unlocked instantly as soon as you complete your profile and verify email. And most importantly link your PayTM wallet where you want to transfer free Paytm cash online.

Get Free PayTM Cash

There are multiple ways through which users can earn free Paytm cash on Fullformstar. The easiest way to earn unlimited free Paytm cash is by inviting friends, users get a Rs.5 referral bonus for each friend who joins Fullformstar. Please note the user needs to complete his profile and verify email. You can invite friends on WhatsApp or send an invite to your Gmail contacts.

Fullformstar site has a lot of interesting arcade and luck games for users to win free recharge daily. While you enjoy playing games on Fullformstar we make it rewarding as well. So why play games on other sites to earn virtual points when you can earn free Paytm cash on Fullformstar.

Paid polls is yet another interesting way where users can share your opinion and also get paid for it. Each poll is live for 24 hours to cast a vote. If your vote is the most popular choice, then free PayTM cash is added to your Fullformstar wallet. More you participate, the more you earn.

Fullformstar publishes 8 trends everyday in 5KaDum section, which gives users a chance to win Rs.5 PayTm by simply guessing a percentage number for each trend.

While you can take part in trends and polls you can also contribute by posting polls & trends and if they are approved by our editorial team then you get utpo ₹20 free Paytm cash online. We suggest to refer recent posts and read the guidelines carefully before you start posting.


Fullformstar redemption process is very simple and easy. Once you've earned Rs 50 in your wallet, you can transfer the amount into your Paytm wallet. The maximum you can redeem is Rs 75 per day. It takes up to 24 hours in crediting the money to your linked Paytm wallet.

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